Residential Project Completion - Lets Be Avenue Elmers

Bespoke Construction Services Ltd are delighted to announce completion of works at 16-17 Avenue Elmers, Surbiton.

These two buildings, once dilapidated bed-sits, have now been transformed in to 18 luxurious private apartments. Comprising a mixture of newly refurbished 1 & 2 bed dwellings and boasting lavish, high-end finishes throughout, these outstanding properties have well and truly been brought in to the 21st century. Recently handed over to end-client, Sunley PLC, our comprehensive programme of works at this unique residential project also included the construction of an extension to both properties, with all works completed to meet Code 4 for sustainable housing.

As you can see from these stunning completion photos, it is no surprise that all properties were sold weeks prior to practical completion. But it's not only the pleasing aesthetic of these beautifully presented apartments that has caused them to sell like hot cakes. Situated in the heart of Surrey and only an hour from Central London, the advantageous location of these dwellings has also been an influential attribute to their popularity.

As well as an extension of our relationship with Sunley, the successful completion of yet another major residential contract in this area further confirms our commitment to providing high quality homes in the county of Surrey. Last year saw us complete a similar project at Langley Road for the same client.

Works are currently on-going at another major residential project in nearby Richmond. Click the link to find out how we're getting on at Richmond Police Station.

Keep your eyes peeled for two new major contracts that will be announced in the coming weeks!

For more completion photos from our Avenue Elmers residential project, check out our Facebook page.